Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 1 - Checklist

CMU: List of Things to Do was a good place to start my mission. The first bullet says "Paint the fence" and yes, I have done it twice :) It is an achievement and a moment of pride for every CMUer. Once on Independence day in 2008 when we painted the fence in tricolor

and once more when we "created" the fence at Qualcomm, San Diego during last summer. :)

I started my day with great enthusiasm though I missed my OPT session which was my bad. I then headed to Hamerschlag Hall to meet an alum who works for Lockheed Martin. They had technology day at cmu. Their missiles demo was fascinating. After finishing DS demo Shreyas (ubuntu) and I visited steam tunnels entrance. Well, going down the steam tunnels is not a good idea so we stopped pretty much at the entrance. Checked!
Enjoying sunny and warm weather sitting on lawns and watching a tennis match without worrying about assignments, a dream come true! I finished one more DS demo and went to Hunt library to check out some books on (wait for it) interior decoration :)
And then it finally happened! I had been planning to join Group X classes since my day one but procrastination was the biggest hurdle to pass. Today I did Steps/Weights/Abs class and had real fun. I had every reason to reward myself with homemade egg white sandwich and carrot juice :)

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