Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Using Macbook Pro like a Pro

Getting a new macbook pro at work was very exciting. I instantly fell in love with the trackpad and mouse gestures and the overall look and feel of all applications, the dockbar, the cute little animated effects. As I started setting up my development environment, I started missing my Ubuntu and Windows comfy zone.

The first shock was no home and end keys, instead a key combination. I still can't get over it. No page down and page up. And how do you refresh a page? Stop decreasing the brightness, it would help it could reload the page instead. Coming from Windows land, mac keyboard didn't feel native to me. But I promised myself to learn how to use mac like a pro. I will share some of my newly acquired wisdom here :)  


  1. Forget all that. How did you manage to get a Mac? I want one too!! I'm juggling between Win and Ubuntu and its not fun.

  2. @Saurabh, I hope you know that I have changed my job. So getting a mac was not difficult ;)

  3. OMG!! Really! What are you working on these days?
    (Btw, one of my other colleagues also moved to rvbd a while ago, (Ashish (brackets inside brackets (feels like LISP) ) ), not sure if you've met him yet.)